In addition to the individual components of landscaping listed below, in which I am experienced, & knowledgeable, we also offer these low cost analytical services, for as little as $49.00, up to $99.00 ( depending on property size ) 

- DROUGHT RESTORATION, I will complete a detailed analysis of the post drought condition of your existing landscape. Including, providing a written, plan of action, which will give you a logical step by step process, which followed, will result in retuning your landscape to to a thing of beauty that will work!

-IRRIGATION, The same deal as drought restoration, but with an exclusive focus on your irrigation system.

-MAINTENANCE, If there is any single aspect of landscaping who's importance is misunderstood, its maintenance! I've witnessed too many times, folks putting thier hard earned money, sweat & tears into creating a beautiful landscape only to allow it to deteriorate due to a lack of knowledge, ( either thier own or thier gardener )  of how to properly maintain what's been created! As with drought restoration & irrigation, for the same small amount I will provide a detailed written analysis of your existing landscape maintenance practices, with suggestions on how to improve it, again, whether you do it yourself or have a gardener. Imagine, your garden looking it's best every day of the year!

- Grading

- Drainage 

- Erosion Control

- Landscape Lighting, both direct & low voltage ( a genuine speciality, not only functional but making the outside of your home & garden as beautiful after dark as it is during the day! )

-Design, Planning, Consultation ( as well as advice on obtaining permits, local zoning laws, etc )

- Hardscape, including decks, fences, patios, gazebos, walks & pathways, driveways, swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, waterfalls, ponds, fountains, atriums & aviaries.

-Planting, including sod & seed laws

Have I left anything out?


Talk is cheap! I'm making some pretty big claims here, make me prove it! It will cost you nothing, give me 15 minutes on the phone, if you like what you here, allow me an hour walking & talking in your garden, give me the opportunity to listen, analyze & impress, please! If your not,  you've got nothing to lose, but for a little time. What you have to gain, is a simply beautiful garden / landscape that you & your family can delight in every day, with a bunch of money left in your pocket!!!